WTF? So weird Kitty: new cat breed? Pug-cat or Monkey?

Funny Cat GIF • Adorable cat having skin problems The vet advised to shave his furr Looks like Pug-cat or Monkey“This is my adorable “Mr. Serious”. He has skin problems, so the vet advised to shave his furr for easier treatment.”
“Well, he’s 💗 adorable all shaved like that. “
“What a cute little guy! Really outstanding and so adorable!”
“Yes, he’s too adorable. Wishing him health and full recovery from those problems.”
[IG: @omajeeb]

Black Kitty startled by dangerous carpet: several sneak attacks, haha

Funny Kitten GIF • Hilarious black Kitty startled by naughty carpet Several sneak attacks very dangerous carpet haha“Startled Kittens are always funny, haha!”
“Poor Kitty, now he thinks forever that carpets are very dangerous…”
“Whatcha doing Carl, You MAD?”

When you’re home alone and hear a very weird noise from the next room

Scared Kitten GIF • Funny Munchkin Meercat standing up • When you're home alone and hear a weird noise from the next room “When your heard someone knocking on the front door!”
“When the microwave beeps to signals it’s done and you don’t remember putting anything in it!”
“Scared Munchkin Meercat: who is there? Leave me alone or I call the Police!”
[IG: @munchkin_minnie]