Toilet paper roll KILLER strikes again! Total destruction & gigantic mess!

Crazy Cat GIF • Toilet paper killer strikes again gigantic mess total destruction, haha little monster!“A Cat pushing the envelope of Art. My Cat roommate is AN ARTIST. He often works in these beautiful installations using common household items. And he really loves what he does.” (Mwahaha little monster!)
[Video Source: CE54R]

“Sometimes Life is hard but…”NEVER GIVE UP!”

Funny Cat GIF • Poor cat trying impossible mission with corn in mouth but she did it finally. Never give up!“Oh Yeah, good girl, she did it finally!”
“Congrats clever Kitty.”
“Oh my gosh, poor cat, I desperately wanted to help but happy end.”
“At the end, she looks so proud, walking away like “Nothing happened here”, hahaha.”

When your cat is fuck*ng high on catnip!

Amazing Cat GIF • Weird white cat standing up doing moonwalk backwards like human Just incredible

“Mode “Human” + “Moonwalk” activated.”
“I just love the way he wiggles when walking backwards.”
“Our House Cats are evolving like the raptors in Jurassic park, soon they will open kitchen door to get fresh fish in the fridge.”
[Video Source: ko tama]