Black Kitty startled by dangerous carpet: several sneak attacks, haha

Funny Kitten GIF • Hilarious black Kitty startled by naughty carpet Several sneak attacks very dangerous carpet haha“Startled Kittens are always funny, haha!”
“Poor Kitty, now he thinks forever that carpets are very dangerous…”
“Whatcha doing Carl, You MAD?”

Haha, this is the most startled cat in the World!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Haha this is the most startled cat in the world jumping leaping spinning like crazy“This Ninja cat spins more and faster than Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan!”
“OMG, so fast, It looks like a cartoon!”
“J.S.L. Cat? Amazing NEW cat breed: ‘Jumping-Spinning-Leaping’ cats.”
“This is the fastest I’ve ever seen a cat move.”
“Dude, you must call the Exorcist, your cat is fuck*ng possessed!
[h/t: Erik230700]