‘Percies’ belly dance in slow motion

Funny Cat GIF • Blue cat playing with his toy in slo motion Funny belly dance. Flabby arms and jiggly belly

“Look at his little flabby arms and jiggly belly!”
“Check out this blue dancing mini-bear.”
“Shake shack shack shack your booty”
“It’s a really fat willow, haha.”
[IG: @percy_and_bertie]

My precious! Do you ear me?

Amazing Cat GIF • Weird Black oriental shorthair cat with huge ears shaking his huge ears in slow Motion

“Weirdest black Oriental shorthair  Cat shacking his huge black ears.”
“Do you mean: “My PURRecious”?”
“OMG, I believe he can fly with his amazing wing-ears!”
“Nope, sorry I can’t ear you.” Isn’t it ironic if this awesome Cat with huge ears was… DEAF, hahahaha!”
[Video Source: blackcats@facebook.com]