When evil boxes rise up and fight back, hahaha!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Cat hidden in box When evil boxes rise up and fight back! Super fast slap mode activated“Left right left right up up up SUPER SLAP MODE ACTIVATED!”
“F*ck you and f*ck everything in this f*ucking box!”
“Paws of Furry – Furry swipes. Too fast too furryous.”
“Surprise Mother F*cker!!!”
“Jesus Christ, Carl, you scared the shit outta me!”
“Wait for it!”
“bae does this when a big spider lands on her…”
“Those moves, even when not every effective, were a right bitch in the Mystery Dungeon games!”
“Me when I feel suddenly a bug on me!”
[h/t: RespectMyAuthoriteh @i.imgur.com]

*SLAP!* When your cat thinks you’re ugly!

Hilarious Cat GIF • When your cat thinks you're ugly when you're doing funny faces. "Stop that sh*t!" SLAP! “Kitty hates narcissistic girls!”
“B*tch! You’re NOT more beautiful than me, OK?”
“Getting tired of your funny faces, homan, go to bed, that’s enough for today!”
“Get A Kitty They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said, They ‘re So Cute They Said, Mwahahaha!”

Overconfident Kitten retreats after making a bad decision!

Funny Kitten GIF • Kitten wants to attack Dad but retreats after being slapped in face It was a bad decision!“So funny 🙂 Cute little kitty. Very brave, but needs to learn his place!”
“Dont’mess with slapping machines!”
[Source: ExperimentalFailures@giant.gfycat.com]