“Howdy pretty girl, I was waiting for you, ready for bed?”

Funny Cat GIF • Cute Cat lying on bed on its back like human  Howdy I was waiting for you human,“My cat on my pillow in my bed, every day that I come home from work…”
“Too damn cute. And the look says no way am I giving up this spot, human!”
“WHAT? Just resting my hind legs.”
“Me waiting for you to come back.”
“My cats love lying in front of the air conditioner too on real hot days.”
[IG: @tinaf78]

When your shameless cat is reading “I could pee on this” book in YOUR bed!

Funny Cat GIF • When your shameless Car read I could pee on this book in YOUR bed like a boss“Check out this relaxed & naughty (but intellectual) cat!”
“Like a boss because cats rule the Word!”
“First, gonna pee on this…BED!”
“I’m getting some much needed advice, says the very literate kitty”
[IG: @keimicat]