You, hiding from all your responsibilities!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat wrapping in his blanket. Me hiding from my  responsibilities. Purrfect Self purrito“Purrfect self wrapping purrito.”
“This is my cat when you try to lock him out of the bed.”
“Me sundaymorning when my alarm went off.”
“1…2…3…I’m invisible!’
[IG: @snowgold_bengal]

“Kitty, do you l♥ve this Kitten-PURRito?”

Adorable Kitten GIF • Mama cat rubbing her face on her Kitty purrito wrapped in a yellow blanket “Yeaaaah, he’s my beloved new baby: ‘Coco’!”
“So freaking cute Mama Cat.”
“Aww… I have never seen a mama cat with her kitten like this before.”
“Look at that little bean burrito oh mah goooonnnessssss!”
[IG: @youngestoldcatlady]