Removed my desk’s glass top: my cat was thoroughly confused

Funny Cat GIF • Cat tries to jump on desk after her owner removed the top Epic fail, haha!

“My cat, ‘Auri’, attempted twice (this is number 2) to jump on to my desk after I removed the top of it, but she did not get it.”
“WTF is that sh*t? Are you mocking me, Human, I feel I’m being mocked?!”
[Video Source: Dana Harrison]

How to hypnotize your cat

Amazing Cat GIF • Funny cat gets hypnotized by human hand mesmerized with mouth open

hahaha? OK, we’ll see who gets the last laugh…”
“cat.exe stopped working, must restart your cat.”
“Like my patience when you test me.”
“FAIL! My cat just moved backwards when I tried this with her.”
[IG: @ark_lyolik]

Cat walking backwards with a “Post-it” on head

Funny Cat GIF • Blue Cat walking backwards with Post-it stuck on his head, haha, hilarious prank.gif

“Well, this is what happens to my (clumsy) cat when I stick a ‘Post-it’ on his head, haha.”
“HALP!  NO…NO…NO…NO…NO!  Get it off…Get it off…Get it off…Get it off…Get it off…Get it off…Get it off!”
“Damned, what is this pink sorcery?”
“Poor Kitty, he’s just trying to get away from that hideous shade of pink!”
[Video Source: collycutie2]