Look at this cutie, doing big ROOAARs, aww…

Cute Kitten GIF • When your adorable hungry kitty is roaring like a ferocious mini lion Feed me or I kill you“When your cute Kitty is telling he hates you, haha!”
“What a sweet little kitty! you cannot tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life. I NEED!”
“Me begging you to love me .”
“What does it need? What does it want? Give it to it! NOW!”
“Look at this little nugget, so beautiful cat breed, the smallest lion.”
[IG: @omajeeb]


Furrious (mad) Cat destroying methodically his styrofoam box!

Crazy Cat GIF • Furrious Cat destroying wildly his styrofoam box with mouth for no apparent reason haha

“So funny, but WHYYYYYY!??”
“Cuz go away, that’s why!”
“Simple, it’s just satisfying to him.”
“Because f*ck you and f*ck your styrofoam boxes!”
“Probably bored. Needs more playtime?”
“Omg I had a cat that did the exact same thing but she loved ripping up all cardboard boxes!”