Naked family = Happy family

Amazing Cat GIF • Naked family is a happy Family awesome Sphynx cats happy all together without hair

“OMG They look like they’re from another (cat) planet!”
“Yeah, let’s move to that planet!”
“Such beautiful beautiful wonderful sweet breed I love them so much shorty’s for ever “
“Woaaaah, they are drop dead gorgeous.”
[IG: @daniellamurnursery]

Today “Peanut” discovers mom’s tail

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Cute Kitty playing with mom tail Best Kitten ever

“Attack mode: stand on two, stick baby milk belly out, dangle paws. NOW…ATTAAAAACK!!!”
“Mom is soo patient, like she doesn’t even notice.”
“Oh my… they just made my day. So cute Kitty.”
“I cant even! Too much cuteness im gonna pass out!”
[IG: @veggiedayz]