Cute ‘Pooky’ trying to be like “Lucky Cat”

Cute Cat GIF • Famous 'Pooky' trying to be like the "Lucky Cat" Funny copy Cat So cute Kitty

Pooky vs. “lucky cat”, who is cuter? Definitely ‘Pooky’!
“That is so bloody cute: trying to be like the toy cat.”
“Oh my God this video is killing me with cuteness.”
[IG: @littlemunchiepooky]

‘Pooky’ rings the bell for tuna

Cute Cat GIF • Famous 'Pooky' rings the bell for tuna she's so cute and clever

Pooky: “I trained hooman to give me tuna when I ring the bell. OK Good job hooman! One more please…” “I am working up to this trick! My two kitties are now tapping my hand to get their treat. Next we are going to work the bell ! Hopefully this week. They both turn in circles for a treat.” “Haha, what if she rings all day and night?” “Female cat always smarter than male cat!”  [IG: littlemunchiepooky]