Riding like a boss: “Where are the pretty girls?”

Amazing Cat GIF • Cool Bengal Cat riding like a boos in his bike basket “Bengal cats are so cool and amazing: they see me rolling…”
“I need to try this with my cat I told my husband that when I got my bike. I think he’d enjoy it!”
“Mine are way too curious they’d be out of that basket in a heartbeat.”
[IG: @harryandizzybengals]

When your brave cat thinks he is a bird! “Yep, I believe I can fly.”

Crazy Cat GIF • When your brave cat thinks he is a bird Yes I believe I can fly “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays.”
“It makes me want to reach for the kitty. Then I panic it will slip. All that just from this video!”
“I might not like my cats doing that. All that keeps going through my mind is how do I save her without killing her. “
“That cat ain’t worried, he’s still on life number 8.”

Amazing Spider-Kitten climbing up fly screen

Kitten GIF • Cute white Spider Kitten climbing high on fly screen like a boss

“Spider-Kitty, Spider-Kitty, does whatever a Spider-Kitty does…”
“This is so impressive!”
“Kitten, spider or monkey?”
“Next challenge? The Great Wall of China!”
“Adorable climber: fast and purrious.”
“How often do you have to buy new fly screens? haha!”
“For sure that Kitty did it after watching last night a movie titled: “Spider-man.”
[IG: @happycatclub]