Furrious (mad) Cat destroying methodically his styrofoam box!

Crazy Cat GIF • Furrious Cat destroying wildly his styrofoam box with mouth for no apparent reason haha

“So funny, but WHYYYYYY!??”
“Cuz go away, that’s why!”
“Simple, it’s just satisfying to him.”
“Because f*ck you and f*ck your styrofoam boxes!”
“Probably bored. Needs more playtime?”
“Omg I had a cat that did the exact same thing but she loved ripping up all cardboard boxes!”

Instant Karma! Sneaky Cat catches a fish but…falls in the water, haha

Funny Cat GIF • Hungry cat catches a fish but falls in the water haha Instant Karma “LOL, clumsy cat but…she caught the fish!”
“The temptation was too much to resist.”
“So many fishes: Om Nom Nom paradise.”
“This will be us in the pool tomorrow.”
“hahaha…Karma is a b*tch!”

Epic FAIL! Cat tries to catch a bird but…takes a shower

Hilarious Cat GIF • Epic FAIL. Pouncing Cat tries to catch a bird but fails and takes a shower, haha

“Catching a dish such as this requires skill that is honed through trial, error and a little luck..”
[Video Source: R. L. J. @youtube.com]