Tiny Kitty vs. huge stairs: the struggle is real but cat paws are made of velcro!

Cute Kitten GIF • Tiny fluff ball vs huge stairs the struggle is real but cat paws are made of velcro!“Ooooops! Stairs are a full scale adventure for this little guy. Too adorable.”
“Cat.exe is updating stair drivers.”
“Aww poor kitty. Stairs are so huge and he’s so tiny.”
“Who the f*ck has such fluffy stairs? Must be a pain to clean!”
“If that precious fluff ball were mine, it would never leave my pocket.”
[IG: @our.fosterkittens]

Leaping Cat, “Ninja Mode ” activated

Funny Cat GIF • Leaping fluff Cat trying to cat his toy Gonna catch you because I'm a Ninja cat  “Fluff Cat is so so cute and so funny as hell.”
“Jump jump jump jump jump Cat!”
“Amazing flying & acrobat kitty.”
“おてんばはなちゃんは ムササビ飛びが得意にゃ”
[IG: @hikariemi]

Amazing Maru jumps on top of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8…9 boxes! If it fits, I sits…

Amazing Cat GIF • Famous Maru jumps on top of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8...9 boxes! What an Incredible agility for a big cat (10 years)  “Number nine was a great high jump. I was not expecting it either. Congratulations MARU!”
“Just in time for the Olympics, Maru sets the record at 9 for the stacked box jump! Absolutely love seeing his cute little face so up close at the end!”
“Maybe 9 is his lucky number because cats have 9 lives. Skilled jumper.”
“Wow MARU displays incredible agility and grace!!! So impressed!! He is so awesome!”
“I hope he received 9000 treats for all that effort!”
[Video Source: mugumogu @youtube.com]