Cute, affectionate and…possessive Kitty

Cute Cat GIF • Sweet possessive cat loves to cuddle his Momma "Don't move, you're mine." “I love to cuddle my sweet momma, she’s MiNE!”
“Look at this sweet little baby! Melts my heart! 💗”
“This is me when I’m trying to cuddle you and you don’t pay attention to me.”
“This is what I need in my life: a super affectionate kitty.”

Purrfect “French kisses”, and they say cats aren’t affectionate…

Cute Cat GIF • Affectionate cat giving french kisses to his girl acting lIke a boy in love with his girlfriend“Get yourself a cat like that…bet this cat will love you more than your future husband…”
“Come here girl! I know you want to kiss my lips because I’m sexy.”
“Who needs a boyfriend when you have an affectionate kitty?”
“OMG this cat is so manly and dominant: blondie is like his sexual slave, mwahahaha.”
[IG: @sivan.shearouse]