New trending spot for vegan Kitty

Cat GIF • New trending spot for watermelon cat Nice hiding place for vegan KittyHide and seek? Nice hiding place.
“OMG, how’d he get in there?!”
“Haha, this cat reminds me of bae when she wakes up moday morning and has no idea where she is?”
[IG: @missenell]

You, hiding from all your responsibilities!

Funny Cat GIF • Cat wrapping in his blanket. Me hiding from my  responsibilities. Purrfect Self purrito“Purrfect self wrapping purrito.”
“This is my cat when you try to lock him out of the bed.”
“Me sundaymorning when my alarm went off.”
“1…2…3…I’m invisible!’
[IG: @snowgold_bengal]