‘Yves’ the cat looks so happy with his new smile

Funny Cat GIF • 'Yves' the cat looks so funny and beautiful with his new  "Trompe l'oeil" smile :) “Oh ‘Yves’, you’re so cute and funny. What a great sense of humour you have. Thank you for the smile.”
“Yves the cat…for President!”
“Purrfect ‘trompe l’oeil’ Smile.”
[IG: @yves_the_cat (Vienna, Austria)]

Feral cat is happy with new blankets and carpet on “his” car

Funny Cat GIF •  Feral is happy to play and run because he found new blankets and carpet on windows and roof of his car “Imagine if everybody did this… That would be a lot of happy feral cats in the cities!”
“He’s so happy he found sth to scratch & a surface yo roll over.”
“That happy cat really having the time of his life!”
“Great idea covering the windows and roof too with blankets and …carpet!”
“Omg, It’s so excited about the new blankets on the car.”
[h/t: thund3rbolt @imgur.com]