White CatBit grooming himself

Hilarious Cat GIF • Amazing Catbit grooming himself before eating his giant carrot hahaha … before eating his giant carrot hahaha.
“Hehe nai na that’s exactly how my widdle kitten will look in a widdle bunny wabbit costume. Gosh but a bajillion times cuter and fluffier and more adorable /w\ and give him a widdle carrot to nibble on and squeeze him all up!/w\ he’s the cutest most adorable widdle cutie pie ever na /w\”
[IG: @asya_photocat]

When a Cat & a cow are BFF

Cute Cat GIF • Cat and cow are best friends Cow licking cat ear they are so cute

“We can’t get enough of this two in our farm”
Cow: “That’s one yummy Cat ear.”
“Must be one tasty Kitty. They’re so sweet, both of them.”
“BFF, Peace and ♥love, sweetest thing ever.”
“This just goes to show you how sweet and kind and loving these animals are. Please dear God in heaven make all humans stop eating them using them for leather let’s take them into our hearts to care for them all as God willed it to be.”  [IG: @freedom_farm_sanctuary]