‘Percies’ belly dance in slow motion

Funny Cat GIF • Blue cat playing with his toy in slo motion Funny belly dance. Flabby arms and jiggly belly

“Look at his little flabby arms and jiggly belly!”
“Check out this blue dancing mini-bear.”
“Shake shack shack shack your booty”
“It’s a really fat willow, haha.”
[IG: @percy_and_bertie]

When your crazy cat thinks she’s Beyoncé at Coachella

Funny Cat GIF •  Weird cat dancing in a weird way like a car with traction control half off

“This cool cat has better dance moves than us.”
“How to dance the Macatrena.”
“Best Summer dance 2018”.
“Well, I think your cat is broken, you must adopt a new one.” 
“When the traction control is off on hind legs, haha.”
“Shakira (cat) butt shaking.”
[h/t: welovecats @facebook.com]