“Sometimes Life is hard but…”NEVER GIVE UP!”

Funny Cat GIF • Poor cat trying impossible mission with corn in mouth but she did it finally. Never give up!“Oh Yeah, good girl, she did it finally!”
“Congrats clever Kitty.”
“Oh my gosh, poor cat, I desperately wanted to help but happy end.”
“At the end, she looks so proud, walking away like “Nothing happened here”, hahaha.”

“CALM DOWN my hooman, It’s just a snake plushie.”

Funny Cat GIF • "CALM DOWN my hooman, don't be so angry It is just a snake plushie, OK?"“It’s alright Dad, the big bad snake won’t hurt you anymore…”
“Okay Okay hooman, I know you’re angry, I’ll hold your finger and just don’t hurt me, the snake is dead.”