Black Kitty startled by dangerous carpet: several sneak attacks, haha

Funny Kitten GIF • Hilarious black Kitty startled by naughty carpet Several sneak attacks very dangerous carpet haha“Startled Kittens are always funny, haha!”
“Poor Kitty, now he thinks forever that carpets are very dangerous…”
“Whatcha doing Carl, You MAD?”

When evil boxes rise up and fight back, hahaha!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Cat hidden in box When evil boxes rise up and fight back! Super fast slap mode activated“Left right left right up up up SUPER SLAP MODE ACTIVATED!”
“F*ck you and f*ck everything in this f*ucking box!”
“Paws of Furry – Furry swipes. Too fast too furryous.”
“Surprise Mother F*cker!!!”
“Jesus Christ, Carl, you scared the shit outta me!”
“Wait for it!”
“bae does this when a big spider lands on her…”
“Those moves, even when not every effective, were a right bitch in the Mystery Dungeon games!”
“Me when I feel suddenly a bug on me!”
[h/t: RespectMyAuthoriteh]

Sneak attack! Ninja Cat strikes again

Funny Cat GIF • Sneak cat attack Ninja Cat strikes again! Poor startled cat: run run kitty!When you have a bad day, a really bad day…
“One of these cats is a jerk: “OK, my work here is done, next one…”
“jjajaajaja, la mala leche de este pobre gato.”
“When suddenly a naughty Cat viciously attacks his best friend.”
[Video Source: Alejandro Paulano Guzmán]