Let’s go! Brushing time for fluffy ♥ ball

Aww Kitten GIF! • Adorable British shorthair Kitty being brushed in human owner. "Why so cute?"“British shorthair Kitties are simply the cutest!”
“Aww…look this adorable tiny floof being groomed!”
“OMG, why are you so cute sweet baby, I’m dyiiiiing!”
[IG: @family_colin]

Because every tiny Princess deserves to be pampered

Cute Kitten GIF • Kitty head being brushed with a tooth brush because every tiny princess deserves to be pampered“Look at this little scruff head.”
“This is so cute. I love that the tooth brush spans the entire length from one ear to the other: good idea.”
“This little kitty is R-E-A-L-L-Y enjoying their pampering session.”
“Scruffy baby, millions of hearts 💕
[IG: @kitty_fostering_oz]