“Dude, what the hell is that black Cat?” “I think It’s a vamPURR!”

Scary Cat GIF • Weird black cat with huge teeth meowing wildly? I think It's a...VAMPURR Cat: “Here we go, give me that tiramisu, right now!!! Mrrr, mrrrr, meeeow!”
“What sort of demon vampire is that? Because I want one!”
“I don’t know if I like the vampire black/wich cat that will scared me in night jumped in my bed.”
“Oh that poor cat. I bet it’s hard to eat with those teeth in the way.”
[IG: @mingusthepanther]

HaHaHa…curious fluff Cats startled by a sneaky remote control car

Scared Cat GIF •  Hahaha several cat freaked out by a sneaky remote control car. Curiosity always startled the kitties!“DAFUQ is this sh*it?! What is this strange new red thing?”
“hahaha the big black one just flew over the rest of them.”
“Innocent Kitties freaked out by a  fuck*ng sneaky hooman toy.”
[IG: @12catslady]