Don’t worry, It’s OK, still has…8 more lives!

Crazy Cat GIF • Scary Acrobat cat He doesn’t even know how dangerous Anyway still has 8 more lives"“Oh my gosh, what a scary cat. He doesn’t even know how dangerous!”
“James Bond Cat = acrobat cat”
“Chi va piano va sano e va lontano…”
“The purrfect definition of ‘No f*cks given!'” (about gravity)

When your crazy cat found a very COMFY (?) bed for his nap!

Funny Cat GIF • Very relaxed cat taking a nap in a funny way hanging out enjoying the raysOnly cats are truly capable of sleeping anywhere they want!”
“Whoa! Such a purrfect balance.”
“The life I want…Zzzz…Zzzz”
“Taking a nap is important as compared to daily commute.”
“When you’ve had a very rough night and waiting in the Taxi rank.”
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