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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Top 25 Best WEiRD cat GIFs

In random order
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Weird Cat GIF • Cautious cat behind the wall shacking slowly his paw.  “Come here human ...”
“Yo man! Want some fresh
catnip? Come here..”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Funny cross-eyed and derpy kitty with crazy eyes but cute as well
Weird cross-eyed cat
(derpy & funny as well)

Amazing Cat GIF • Weird black cat with long neck like giraffe and round eyes like owl chasing a fly
Weird black cat with
a looooong neck!

Weird Cat GIF • Funny cat hiding for its responsibilities with head inside a hole in the wood floor haha
Weird blue cat hiding
from its responsibilities!

Hilarious Cat GIF • Barnaby the Persian cat has a new haircut with messy hair, haha
“Do you like my new haircut?”

Funny cat GIF • Blue weird cat cat tries his best to catch an invisble thing, haha
Weird cat trying to 
catch an invisible thing!

Weird Cat GIF • Crazy Cat on shelf looking at his human with upside down head. "Whatcha doing Kitty, what do you expect?"
Weird cat on shelf 
(he forgot how to cat)

Hilarious cat GIF • Cat sticking super long tongue dreaming of ice cream during winter
Weird cat dreaming of
delicious Italian ice cream.

Funny cat GIF • Swimming lessons • Lazy cat trying to reach his goal but can't move on bar stool
Weird swimming lessons
on bar stool ???

Funny Cat GIF • Weird cat dancing in a weird way like a car with traction control half off, haha!
When the traction control
is off on hind legs, haha!

Funny Cat GIF • 3 lazy cats on a relaxing Sunday morning. "Dude, we're very very tired."
3 weird cats looking drunk!

Amazing Cat GIF • Very happy and relaxed cat drolling, sucking finger and kneading at the same time
“I have no idea what I’m doing!”

Scary Cat GIF • Call of Satan. Weird black cat standing up. "Human come to the dark side, we have cookies (and catnip)
“Come to the Dark side,
we have cookies”

Funny Cat GIF • 2 weird cats taking a nap together with their paws on head. Sometimes, cats are so mysterious
Let’s check out a very weird nap…

 Weird Cat GIF • Strange Cat behavior. Talkative cat moving his front paws "Put my treat right here I am hungry!"
"Put my catnip down right
here, right here I said!"

Weird Cat GIF • ‘Lykoi’ cat with human face, especially around the mouth and eyes. A very rare breed
Weird cat looks like Michael
Jackson (‘Thriller’) when
 he changes into the wolf!

Weird Cat GIF • Sphynx cat looking like Dobby sitting on his throne judging all measly humans
Weird naked Cat sitting
on his throne!

Weird Cat GIF • Big Ginger cat looking like a lazy lion but he's a dangerous killer. Don't touch him!
Scary! A very weird cat.
(don't touch him!)

Hilarious Cat GIF • Funny sleepy Cat • Derp mode activated Target locked on nap town
Very weird cat taking a nap!

Funny Cat GiF • 2 desperate MORSE cats sending out a SOS to their humans."Please feed me I'm hungry!"
2 weird MORSE cats
sending out a SOS
to their humans

Amazing Cat GIF • Cat and Kangaroo can be best friends. Let me scratch your head kitty, I know you like it.
Weird cat and kangaroo friendship

Funny Cat GIF • Adorable cat having skin problems. The vet advised to shave his furr. Now he looks like a Pug-cat or a Monkey
Weird new cat breed?
Pug-cat or Monkey?

Crazy Cat GIF • Funny enlightened cat. Lamp cat is a cat with head in lamp.
Very weird cat lamp!

Funny Cat GIF • 3 cool cats chilling out in a funny and weird way haha like sleepy monkeys
3 cats chilling out in
a very weird way!

Amazing Cat GIF • Naked family is a happy Family. Awesome Sphynx cats happy all together during hot summer.
Weird naked cat family....

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