Tiny Kitty vs. huge stairs: the struggle is real but cat paws are made of velcro!

Cute Kitten GIF • Tiny fluff ball vs huge stairs the struggle is real but cat paws are made of velcro!“Ooooops! Stairs are a full scale adventure for this little guy. Too adorable.”
“Cat.exe is updating stair drivers.”
“Aww poor kitty. Stairs are so huge and he’s so tiny.”
“Who the f*ck has such fluffy stairs? Must be a pain to clean!”
“If that precious fluff ball were mine, it would never leave my pocket.”
[IG: @our.fosterkittens]

Black Kitty startled by dangerous carpet: several sneak attacks, haha

Funny Kitten GIF • Hilarious black Kitty startled by naughty carpet Several sneak attacks very dangerous carpet haha“Startled Kittens are always funny, haha!”
“Poor Kitty, now he thinks forever that carpets are very dangerous…”
“Whatcha doing Carl, You MAD?”

“I’m not afraid anymore Dad, c’mon fight me big coward!”

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Tiny fluffy Kitty sanding up attacks Dad cmon fight me I am the bravest kitty“Wait, I can stand just a tall as you!”
“Haha this little guy is so brave, funny and cute!”
“Kitty is like “bring it-on!” So sweet and cute kitten.”
“Dear God this fluffy kitten may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”
[IG: @mo_harutan]