It’s bath time in the sink for this tiny, cute and patient Kitty

Amazing Kitten GIF • It's bath time in the sink for this tiny, cute and patient waterproof kitty“She was not helpless, or being forced under the stream of water. I’m not in the interest of hurting the kitten. I spent morning noon and night looking after. Believe me -if she hated it- she wouldn’t be in such a vulnerable relaxed position. When I started giving her quick baths out of necessity, I noticed she loved it and I happened to catch this gem.”
[IG: clover_kittywithaheart]

Crazy boneless Cat doing Yoga in the strangest position

Amazing Cat GIF • Weird boneless cat doing his Yoga and relaxing in the strangest position haha“Yoga cat is fuck*ng flexible!”
“Yep, don’t know which yoga position this is, but wish I could contort my body like this funny kitty.”
“WUT? It’s super comfy…”
“Is your cat broken? Cuz that’s what it looks like, haha.”
“OK homan, when u’ll stop laughing so loud would u please gimme treats? Guez I deserve it!”
“This is how bae looks when she does her daily stretches.”
“The look is like: “…and WHAT?”
“Cat.exe has encountered a problem and stopped working.”
“Your cat is totally DRUNK, that’s why…”