Real life Tweety and Sylvester (it’s a long story)

Amazing Cat GIF • Dove does not let Cat eating his dinner Play with me or fight me “Don’t mess with a Ninja dove.”
“Birds love cat food. He’s jealous.”
“The cat is the poor victim. Such a sweet cat. And you birdy…why so naughty?”
“The Cat is not even hurting the bird! They’re just playing, too cute.”
“The jerk dove be like: “C’mon fight me, b*tch!”
[IG: @par121]

When your cool Cat and cute hamster are breaking the rules!

Amazing Cat GIF • Cute hamster eating between cat paws. They're best friends, just incredible pets.“Adorable and sweet! A Cat taking care of his friend, the hungry hamster.”
“That is the cutest thing I seen in my life!”
[IG: @yutafamily]