Leaping Cat, “Ninja Mode ” activated

Funny Cat GIF • Leaping fluff Cat trying to cat his toy Gonna catch you because I'm a Ninja cat  “Fluff Cat is so so cute and so funny as hell.”
“Jump jump jump jump jump Cat!”
“Amazing flying & acrobat kitty.”
“おてんばはなちゃんは ムササビ飛びが得意にゃ”
[IG: @hikariemi]

OK Kitty, It’s time for your daily teeth brushing

Funny Cat GIF • Cute black and white Kitty acting like human. It's time for your daily teeth brushing“haha, so funny, this is how the electric toothbrush feels to me.”
“OMG. I wish my cat would let me brush his teeth. The vet keeps looking at me like a bad parent because I can’t seem to do it on my own.”
[IG: @boots_and_bear]

Stealing pillows qualifies as important kitty business

Funny Cat GIF • Jane the Sphynx is doing her best to steal the most unreachable pillow Never give up“Here’s what happens when you’re a tiny kitty, but you also want to steal nice things for your bedroom. Jane the Sphynx is doing her best to collect the most unreachable pillow. Her persistence is just adorable!”
[Video Source: jane_the_sphynx @rumble.com]