3 funny Persian cats enjoy Honeydew Popsicle

Funny Cat GIF • 3 fluffy persian scats on a flattable pool enjoy Honeydew Popsicle“We made some popsicle as summer treats for the pets. The cats like the honeydew melon ones very much!”
“3 cats on a flattable pool + 1 popsicle: you have the cutest kitties.”
“Wait for it.”
[Video Source: sweetfurx4 @youtube.com]

Crazy Cat lady in action, sleeping with 6 cats. Well…the struggle is real

Funny Cat GIF • Crazy cat lady trying to get in her bed with 6 cats sleeping on the blanket Not so easy  “Ooooh this is me every night. I always wonder why I wake up with a sore back.”
“Amazing: 6 cats sleeping together on bed. Purring bed, good vibations.”
“So true! So me! So in love! So I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
“I hope this will be my life one day, sooon, very sooon.”