Acrobatics with ‘Herman’ & ‘Weasel’, the flying Bengals

Amazing Cat GIF • Acrobatics with 2 flying bengals in their wheel running and jumping like crazy “haha they have fun! Our breeder has those exercise wheels. We’re already planning on getting them one.”
“Pfffftttt my cats would use it wrong and break more stuff with it!”
“Running like giant Bengal HAMSTERS.”
[IG: @herman_and_weasel]

“Don’t Touch Me, You Pervert!”

Funny Cat GIF • Don't touch me bae reaction when you want kisses and more, hahaha“Dramatic bae when I want kisses (and more).”
“Are you talking to me, bitch?”
“cat.exe has stopped working.”
“Funny and cute tiny BLEP.”
“C’mon man, let’s be friends, It’s LGBT day!”
“I’m not even kidding you, this is me when a customer touches me at work.”
“Me trying to stay calm when that lady cut me off at Farm Boy.”
[IG: @cat_and_kater]