About Video sources and/or Credit

     All animated Cat GIFs posted on cat-gifs.com are created by our Team from videos found on the Internet: mainly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, but also via many other public sources, including important and famous Websites publishing many Cat videos that are believed to belong in the public domain.
     Our animated GIFs are mainly created (and cover under fair use) using only 2 to 5 seconds of each video.
    We try our best to always give credit to respective video creators, whenever possible. If we make every attempt possible to source the videos, unfortunately this is not always possible and sometimes we cannot find the exact information because, as everybody knows, proper accreditation is very hard and confusing on the Internet:  too many Cat videos are posted by websites – anonymously – WiTHOUT any source or credit.
     So, when no credit to the original creator can be found, when we don’t know who is the creator of the video, you may find e.g. ► [Video Source: vine.co] or [Video Source: facebook.com] or…nothing 🙁

      However, all credited and UNcredited videos remain property of their respective creators or owners and we do NOT claim copyright or ownership of any video because they still belong to the creator of each video.

Adorable Cat GIF • Famous "Albert Baby Cat" chilling out in his fav bowl. "If it fits, I sits."

“If it fits, I sits”
He is so cute with his funny “Christmas tree nose“.
[Video Source: albertbabycat @instagram.com]

Giving credit to uncredited material or removing animated GIFs

          If you are a video creator and if you have recognized one of your video from our animated Cat GIFs, not properly acknowledged, or if you believe we have posted  significant part of your video without credit, or if you know who is the creator of an uncredited video, or most generally if you want to report some “inappropriate content“, feel free to contact us via e-mail: credit-and-sources  AT  cat-gifs  DOT  com

           According to your request:
• we can add the source, give the cat video owner his credit or make edits to the existing credit.
• otherwise, if you want the Cat GIF to be REMOVED, please let us know and we will remove it at the earliest possible time 😉

          In that case, don’t forget to send us the following informations in your notification :
1- Your identification (name, e-mail address).
2- Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing and that is to be credited or removed, with sufficient information to permit us to locate this material. Providing, in your e-mail, the URL (permalink) of allegedly infringing videoe to be removed is the best way to help us locate content surely and quickly.
3- Proof of material ownership (e.g. your video permalink).

*                *


        Anyway, in the event that there is a “problem” or an error with copyrighted material, it’s important to bear in mind that it is unintentional from us. Not knowing the creator of a video – in good faith – is NOT stealing content. We just want to share on the Internet our Best Cat GIF creations with others Cat ♥ Lovers (and remember:  NO ADS on our Website)