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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Meowing machine in action! (and no one can stop him)

Funny Cat GIF • Meowing machine. Funny ginger Cat meowing hard repetitively! []
“Funny ginger cat meowing - hard - repetitively untill Mom feeds him!”
"Oh mein Gott. Sie ist wunderschön."
"Si può sapere che cazzo stai chiedendo!? Amore come sei bellooooo."
“Amazing and beautiful fur COLORS!”
"Quand ton chat a tellement faim qu'il se transforme en véritable machine à miauler qui ne s'arrêtera que lorsqu'il aura 'la peau du ventre bien tendue'.
[IG @tinytiger_indy]

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Our kittens are evolving... evolving... evolving....

Amazing Kitten GIF • Kittens are evolving. Kitty drinks its bottle like a human baby! []
It's milk time and kitty enjoys its bottle like a... 'baby'!
“And your couch is my new comfy bed, thank you good hoomans.”