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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Playtime for two cute British shorthair families

Cute Kitten GIF • Playtime for two cute British shorthair families []
“Awwdorable sweet little babies.”
“White Kitties + ginger kitties vs. a poor blue butterfly: no chance to survive.”
“Imagine being wealthy enough to wear you can have this many cats ❤️ I want to be one of those kitties cuz there so cute.”
“So many beautiful and playful babies!”
“What happened with the social distancing?” 😷
"Ах, какие красивые кошачьи семейства. И как каждое семейство держится вместе: рыженькие слева, беленькие справа. Так мило."
“Oh, what a beautiful feline family. And how each family sticks together: redheads on the left, white on the right. It's so cute.”
[IG @lorettabritishcattery]