Thursday, March 11, 2021

Funny 'Minette', the real and famous *ViBiNG* cat ♪ ♫
[Vibing cat No. 11]

Funny Cat GIF • 'Minette' purrfectly vibing to the music. Moving her head up & down, she looks so happy
This is 'Minette' (female), the real 'Vibing cat': she went a viral MEME!

'Minette' is a cool and funny white kitty living in QuΓ©bec (Canada), rhythmically bobbing her head as if to the beat of a song. She's also known as the FAMOUS 'Vibing cat'  or 'CatJam' (CatJAM is a BetterTTV custom Twitch emote)

“I like how when she bobs her head up and down, she closes hers eyes, she must be a very happy kitty.” 😊
“Yeah, it's a good cat Jam.”
“When you listen to your favourite song.”
“Yes, It's my fav popular CAT MEME!” πŸ‘
“This is literally me with for like 10 AC/DC songs or safety dance.”
“Cat's vibing is too much for this planet. Hers swag cannot be handled. She must go back to her people”
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'Minette', cute and funny Canadian kitty, super star of  the famous 'Vibing cat' MEME!
Close up of 'Minette'

ViDEO >> The famous cat MEME.
'Minette' vibing to 'Levan Polkka'
played by 'Bilal GΓΆregen'.

'Bilal GΓΆregen' is a famous Turkish BLiND singer (33 year old) and street-drummer who has gained a huge popularity on YouTube (50,000 ,000+ views πŸ‘€) after his 'Cat Vibing To Ievan Polkka' with funny 'Minette' goes viral on social media sites!  

Now, 'Bilal' and 'Minette' are 2 legends in the MEME World and in the music world, and they deserve it!'  πŸ‘