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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Funny Cockatoo showing Bengal cat who is the boss,

Hilarious Cat GIF • Funny Cockatoo slamming wicker basket lid on naughty Bengal cat []
slamming wicker basket lid on his head, haha, funny pets.
“At first, 'Karin' the cockatoo thought it'd be a wise idea to trap 'Koume' the Bengal cat inside the wicker basket, closing the lid on the feline. But then, perhaps feeling guilty, 'Karin' opens the box lid to let the Kitty out, who returns the favour with... a swipe on the cockatoo's head! But 'Karin' has the last say to the rude Kitten, quickly slamming the lid on his head, haha. “Little b*tch, you don't deserve to be free!”
“Aaah bueno, HDP!  Pues te vuelvo a encerrar, toma por sapooo jajaajajjajajja.“
[Video: masaki_1133]