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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas catwalk was a purrfect success

Xmas Cat GIF • Fabulous black cat doing a purrfect catwalk. Vogue meowdel, ready for the next Fashion Week
“Woah, so proud and MAJECTIC kitty!”
“This cat looks fierce, elegant and absolutely FA-BU-LOUS!”
“This black cat it more elegant than most models.”
“This video should be a catwalk tutorial for young models.”
“It's supposed to be 'catwalk', not 'cat walk'.This cat walk catwalk style.”
“Walk walk fashion baby.”
“This cat has the perfect catwalk prance same as any supermodel!!  
“Vogue meowdel, ready for the next fashion week.”
“Cleopawtra, Queen Vicpurria, Cleocatra. Now add a crown!”
“In the days of ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as gods. They have not forgotten this...”
“Her majesty has arrived, stand you peasants!”
“If Beyonce had a cat.”
[IG @rover_thecat]