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Thursday, November 12, 2020

“Meoooow! Help me humans, I'm trapped. Where is my Mom?”

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable kitten trapped in a big box is crying. 'Meow... help me, I'm stuck!'
“OMG, this kitty is so adorable I'm gonna cry.” 😭
“Temper temper little one...”
“That’s not temper. That’s  >> Where’s my beloved mommy?”
“Hey you out there I’m stuck how do I get out HEY SOMEONE can you hear me?”
"Au secours ! Vous m'avez oublié(e) dans cette grande boîte en carton et je ne peux pas en sortir seul(e)..."
“Meooow! I what my bottle now!"
"I am Kitty, hear me roar, and I will not be ignored, I may be tiny but I'm mighty, give me more!”
“Beyond adorable! That little face peering out.”
“Mama komm her hol mich hier raus da gibt's nicht zu entdecken
“Maybe (s)he just wants to be cuddled?”
“Soooo sweet .. i so want to pick up the lil kiddo.” 😍
"Tadinho, parece tão carente e solitário ali, pedindo ajuda, chamando sua mãe.”
“If they could stay this small id have hundreds!!!”
[IG @kitty_fostering_oz]