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Monday, November 23, 2020

White cat: “Only Mom can touch me!”

Funny Cat GIF • White cat does not accept to be petted by men. He's not gay!
“Get away you ugly male, I hate hairy hands!”
“Lo siento, sólo mi mamá me puede tocar me!“
"Quand ton chat macho adore que les filles le caresse mais ne supporte pas les mecs !"
“Don't touch my butt, man: I'm not gay!”
“Favoritism floofer.”
"Gente, esse gatinho é esperto, sabe o que quer."
“I've got one of those. Only I can touch my Calico Chloe! Everyone else gets an angry MEOOOOW!”
"LOL, no le gutah la manita de macho, sino de su mamaota."
“So cute cat, tan lindo gato.”
“For me, it's the reverse: my cat (female) prefers my husband, haha!”
"Cualquier parecido con la realidad es pura coincidencia, jajaja."
“White kitties are always so sassy!”
“Fun fact but if you put both hands at once, your cat will be CONFUSED!”
[Video: luanamarodin@TikTok]