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Friday, November 20, 2020

A huge bouquet of 18 (!) aww...dorable πŸ’— colorpoint kitties

Cute CAT GIF • A huge bouquet of 18 (!) aww...dorable colorpoint kitties. A Crazy Cat-Lady Starter Kit ♥
“Greetings, Valued Customer, and Congratulations on your purchase of our Crazy Cat-Lady Starter Kit.” πŸ˜‚
"Dios los amo. Que hermosos, Dios los bendiga +"
“OMG, I would be a very happy cat lady with them in my arms.”
"Waouh, ils sont trop beaux + mignons, je les aime tous autant qu'ils sont..."😍
“Can I just kidnap one of it?” 😁
"Meu Deus do cΓ©u, quanta fofura."
“Awwww, this is what we need...”
“Adorables minous mais quel boulot pour nourrir et entretenir cette armΓ©e de mignons poilus."
"Cuando me traes esa caja dd regalo!!??"
"Me vuelvo loca de amorcito." ❤️
“Can I have one, just a small one pleaaaase?”

I got you a BOUQUET of kittens