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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sleepy cat having an horrible nightmare: the struggle is real!

Amazing Cat GIF • Cat having an horrible nightmare, falls on the floor but decided to continue its nap, haha
He dreams he's fighting ferocious cat Zombies! (but right back to sleep Zzzz...)
“Yes, I like when the cat falls down and decided to sleep again, whatever, haha.”
“Sudendy cat.exe has stopped working. Now, you must restart the cat playing dead.”
"Quand ton chat fait un horrible cauchemar, un combat contre de féroces chats zombies. Mais après cet épisode (et sa chute !), il reprend sa sieste par terre comme si de rien n'était.”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Weird cat sleeping on couch dreaming trembling jumping and sleeping again OMG!
And he's not the only one...
Et il n'est pas le seul...

Art Cat GIF • Infinite loop • Swimming kitty. "C’mon Faster, faster, faster, faaasteer!"
Even kittens have nighmares
C’mon little guy, save yourself:
1. Faster >> 2. Faster
3. Faster >> 4. FAAASTEEER!
Même les chatons font des cauchemars.