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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Aww...poor tiny kitty, at least he tried...

Cute Cat GIF • GIF poor tiny kitten fails to jump on counter! At least he tried.
Don't cry baby, come back in a few months, try again and you'll succeed :)
“Wait, I can dot it...I can do it...Oops! OK, I can't. Well, I'm gonna take a little nap...”
“When you try your best but you don't succeed.”
“Me trying to reach my goals in 2020.”
“It was: Mission TOTALLY impurrsible!”
“So close...though however but yet so far...”
“Mr Newton turned the gravity too high for this brave kitten.”
“Yep! Dream BIG even if you're a kitty.”
“Kitten:  I don't understand what happened? I saw Mom did it.”
“This is me trying to make my dreams come true during fuck*ng COVID-19.”
“That's a great ambition! A valiant attempt from a young warrior.”
“Don't give up baby, soon you'll be catching food on the counter.”
“I wish I had the same amount of self-confidence.”
“Yeah, I wish I had those levels of optimism!”
“Such a mighty leap.”
“Ha Ha, looks like he had a HUGE hiccups that caused him to jump.”
“Me in Assassin's Creed trying to see if this building is climbable.”
“It's hard to jump with a floor that smooth.”