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Monday, September 21, 2020

“C'mon SLAVE, pull up, it's lunch time and I'm hungry.”

Funny Cat GIF • Purrfect cat basket elevator. 'Lift me up please, I'm hungry.”LAVE!' 'And now, get me down.' Haha, That's the 'cat logic'!
Purrfect cat basket elevator.
“How can your cat be trained like that? My cat won't even last 3 seconds when I put him in a bag or a basket!”
“My cat would want to go up and down all day, because he can never decide if he wants to be in or out...”
“Lift me up! Haha, the most advanced species on planet enslaved by 5 pounds cat!”

Funny Cat GIF • Purrfect cat basket elevator. “Get me down, I want to catch mice.”WNT TO .”
And 10 minutes later: “Now, get me down please, because I need to go for a walk after Om Nom Nom.” (CAT LOGiC)