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Saturday, August 22, 2020

“When the waiter repetitively walks past with someone else's food...”

Funny Cat GIF • Weird black cat with big eyes and tiny ears is ready to pounce, soon...very soon
“Conditions must be right for a purrfect 'Tingeling' attack.”
“Alegra tu dia con esta bola de pelitos y sus ojotes.”
“Toothless and earless, haha? Where are your wings, tail and scales?”
“Omg those eyes. I can’t even with this black cat.”
“Peccato che non si sente il “MRAH” HaHaHa!”
“Es bonito el gato, los ojos son bacanes y gigantes, jaja.”
“Look like baby seal. With this 👀”
“No, 'Tingeling'! How could anyone not bring the food to such a beautiful black plush! You moving starry-eyed velvet.”
“Parece com *Banguela*, do filme *Como Treinar Seu Dinossauro* 😂
“HAHA look at this cat, it’s like a blob with eyes.”
[IG @tussetroll_and_tingeling]