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Monday, July 27, 2020

Funny cat chirping hard, Mode ‘Fast Ekekekkekeek!’ activated

Funny Cat GIF • Cat in human arms chirping hard at birds. It's a Fast Ekekekkekkeek!
“All cats do it but this one is so funny and fast! Hahaha.”
“OMG, a b-b-bi-bi-bir-bir-BIRD!”
“Kitty needs a birdie.” 😻
“My cat acts like that too if  he sees a lizard running on the wall.”
“This one is great!” 😂
“Fast and Ekekekkekeekous!”
“Me, monday morning, trying to say one word in a presentation.”
“She clearly commands the bird to come down and 'play' with her.”
“Chirping while being held is the cutest & funniest thing.”
[IG @racheltillie]