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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

And suddenly, huge CATastrophe! Pets of chaos...

Funny Cat GIF • 2 cats fighting. CATastrophe, pets of chaos! The make up corner is dead! RiP+
“OMG, what a mess, thank you cats...”
“Sorry Mom, your makeup corner is dead! RiP+”
“At first, nothing was knocked over but then everything was!” 🀣
“Poor Mom, they tore ALL that sh*t up!”
“It's a little big disaster.”
“Ahhh the love of having 2 (MALE) cats.”
“Too much testosterone can lead to aggression and risky behavior and you can see the result!”
“Holy crap your cats are not in love, they're in fuck*ng trouble.”
“Sneakiest attaaaack ever!”
“And this is part of the reason why none of my makeup stuff is just sitting out on the counter.”
“Ninja cat strikes again! Resistance is futile”
[Video: catfights]