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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Ferocious kitten attacks human foot (haha these little monsters)

Snuzzy Kitten GIF • Cutest kitty attacks human foot. “Roar I'm a ferocious beast!“
“ROAR! I'am a ferocious beast!”
“Oh my... How cuuuuuuuuute Kitty, I'm melting? I want onnneeeee.”
“OOOH MEEEU DEEEUS, não tem nem tamanho de gente!“
"Me muero de amor. Que lindooo por favor eso me lo hacía kiri de pequeñita pero atacaba a morder los ñoños daba miedo porke a mi q me atacará los ñoños me daba grima."
[IG @studio_allive Yangpyeong]