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Friday, June 12, 2020

Amazing Bengal cat doing an amazing trick with his feather toy!

Amazing Cat GIF • Amazing Bengal cat doing a funny trick with his feather toy and his human!
“People asked how I started teaching ‘Lancelot’ to jump up to my feet. First he jumped to my feet while I’m lying on the ground, he can also jump easily to my shoulders, it’s important that they can do these first. Next Be able to hold a handstand for 5 minutes (they take their time jumping up) a platform is good for starting out, have a favorite Toy they will do anything for, and place toy high enough (this was his first time training in a new room and I didn’t mark where to place the toy yet-it’s too low)”
“I love the full body on the face rubs before he gets to work.”
“Congrats on teaching your cat a trick but when ‘Lancelot’ perches on your backside every time you lean over to empty the dishwasher don’t come crying to me.” πŸ˜‚
“I love how he nuzzles her at first like: “Cuddles first!”
“Is this for America’s Got Talent.” 😹
[IG @petsncharge]