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Friday, May 15, 2020

Level up Challenge during the Quarantine
Now it's time to conquer the Great wall of tuna!

Level up Challenge • And now it's time to conquer the Great wall of tuna! l Level 13, well done kitty.
“Haha it's so creative, so much tuna for Siamese kitty.” ๐Ÿ˜น
Level 13, well done!” 
“The one in the tower who's looking is the Challenge referee.”
“I see no God up here other than me.”
“Impossible mission when your cat is on a diet.”
“Die katzen, die alles kaputt machen, sind die besten.”
“OK hooman, It's all fun and games but gimme my food now!”
"Bon, 13 boรฎtes รงa suffira, il est temps de virer tout ce bazar et ร  table!” 
“Okay dude, you've had your fun. Now where's the tin opener?”
“That's enough! Game over, time to destroy that green wall.”
“BOOM! At the end, he's breaking the rules!”
[IG @bengalwonderland]