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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Quarantine • Level up Challenge • Amazing ginger cat vs. 250+ lipsticks! (Level 11)

Amazing Cat GIF • Level up Challenge • Amazing ginger cat jumps over 250+ lipsticks!  (Level 11)
“The most perfect jumps I've ever seen...”
“Oh wowow, impressive, super great jumps.”
“Amazing cat got skills!”
“Skilled & Graceful” 😻
"Bravo le chat roux, jumping like a horse de concours."
“Is that the flying Garfield?”
“I applaud the owner for balancing so much lipsticks with much patience.” 👏
"Ce qui est le plus exceptionnel dans ces sauts c'est que, contrairement aux autres chats qui courent avant de sauter, il/elle ne prend pratiquement PAS D'ÉLAN !"
“I want both...the ginger cat and all the lipsticks.”
“As someone who doesn’t own that many lipsticks, I thought they were tiny bottles of liquor, haha.
“OMG, she has about...250+ lipsticks!!! Breathtaking.”
“Meanwhile your (innocent) Boss believes you're a serious girl, doing your homework during the quarantine, haha!”
"Jajajjjaja, con razón tienen una canción que dice: EL GATO VOLADORRRR ♪♫"
[Video via 9GAG]